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"Heroes of 71'' could be a person shooter mobile game, supported the Liberation War of East Pakistan in 1971

Heroes of 71
In the Heroes of 71 Defend your land, fight until your last breathe.
Withstand all the attacks of the enemy and be a hero.
Take advantage of various positioning of heroes, fire and take cowl.
Feel the courage in you.
Heroes of 71 could be 3rd person shooter game. portrayal verity nature of the Liberation War of East Pakistan in 1971, 3 heroes can fight against the enemy army with completely different static strategic positions and weapons. ab initio} game can start to play with one amongst the heroes and can eventually be able to unlock all 3 positions and weapons. Waves of enemy troops can come back later on and gamer can ought to defend enemy raid.
Heroes of 71 have achieved their freedom through 9 months long bloodshed liberation war in 1971. Heroes of seventy one, the people of West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} fought fearlessly with nearly no coaching or arms against a extremely trained Armed Force of Pakistan. This game is meant to portray the battles between the war heroes of East Pakistan and enemy activity force.
In 1971 folks of East Pakistan marched into a heroic fight for freedom against the Pakistani occupying forces and their collaborators. Mukti Bahini became a dynamic people’s fighting force with civilians from all professions. The game, during this historical setting, depicts the story of 1 such guerilla cluster, Shamsu Bahini. Members of the Shamsu Bahini, Shamsu, Badi, Taposh, Sajal, Kabir, area unit from completely different walks of life however united in one elegant vow to fight for the freeing of their land from the clutches of the Paki military junta and their collaborators. Their mission is to attack and capture a strategically crucial enemy base close to Shonir Char. Capturing and holding the bottom would enable the Mukti Bahini Central Forces to interrupt through the enemy lines into land Barisal. Shonir Char, on the bank of stream Madhumati, is that the viewpoint of the blitz-attack. The cluster attacked crossing the stream with a full advantage of the component of surprise. The new attack takes the enemy regiment, with its base during a faculty building, off-guard. The watch-tower spotter with an important machine gun and patrolling army fell unable to help to the combined action. With Shamsu’s order, Badi, a sharp-shooter, took down the watch-tower spotter and took management of it, Sajal and Kabir affected in throwing grenades with Shamsu and Taposh cowl firing. The enemy regiment people with serious losses solely to attack once more with reinforcements.
Now, Shamsu Bahini faces a challenge to survive and hold their ground until the Mukti Bahini attacks. it's a fight to death for them, and additionally a fight for honor.
Do you have what it takes to defend your land ?
Screen Shoot:
Heroes of 71 Heroes of 71 Heroes of 71 Heroes of 71

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